3 Dent Repair Options in Cardiff/Newport/Swansea

So, you live in the Cardiff/Newport/Swansea area of South Wales, and you need to get a dent repaired on your vehicle.  The problem is that you really don’t know what options you have for dent repair in the area.  Well, you actually have a few different options, each one with its own benefits and drawbacks.  To help you get started, here are the 3 dent repair options in the South Wales area of Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea.  You should look over each one and decide which one you think is the best for your situation.


1.  Take your vehicle to a local body shop.


This is always a decent option.  If you know of a reputable local body shop, you can take your vehicle in and get the dents removed.  While there is no doubt they’ll be able to repair the dents, there are a few drawbacks of the dent removal process at a body shop.  First of all, it’s incredibly time consuming.  You’ll need to drop your vehicle off at the shop and leave it for a couple of days, in which time you’ll need to find alternate transportation.  Then there is the cost.  Any repair you get done at a body shop is going to cost you a lot of money, even if it’s a small repair.  So, while this option will get the job done, it’s going to be your most time consuming and expensive option.


2.  Try to repair the dent yourself.


You may already know that DIY paintless dent repair kits are advertised and sold.  They claim to give you all of the tools and instructions you need to repair the dents in your own vehicle.  On the plus side, the kits are very affordable, so it can be tempting to want to use this dent repair option, especially over taking your vehicle into a local body shop for expensive repairs.  However, while this is an option for you, it’s definitely not recommended.  Unless you happen to be skilled in repairing dents, you could end up causing more damage than you’re trying to repair.  It may seem like a cheap option, but in the end it could end up costing you more money and time than if you hired a professional to do the repairs.


3.  Hire a mobile paintless dent repair (PDR) company.


If you live in the South Wales area around Cardiff, Newport or Swansea, you can hire a mobile paintless dent repair company like Dentmaster Wales to come to your home or office and repair your vehicle’s dents on site.  This is a great option that will save you time, money and many headaches.  While hiring a PDR company may not be as cheap as trying to repair the dent yourself, it is much cheaper than taking your vehicle to the body shop.  It is much faster as well, since most dents can be repaired in under an hour instead of several days.  Another benefit of choosing this option is that they can repair the dent without the need for any paint, filler or other chemicals.  These benefits make this a great choice.


Now you know all of your options for repairing a dent if you live in the Cardiff/Newport/Swansea area of South Wales.  You can take your vehicle to a local body shop, pay the high prices and be without your vehicle for several days.  You can try to save money by repairing the dent yourself and possibly cause more damage to your vehicle.  Or you can hire a PDR company that will come directly to you, have the dent repaired in no time, and only charge you a small fee for their service.  You can decide which option is the best for you.



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