Drawbacks of Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is an amazing technique that has saved people tons of time and money over the years.  It truly is the best option available for dent repair.  However, even the best options have a few drawbacks, and paintless dent repair is no different.  While there are very few problems with PDR, you should have all of the information before you decide whether or not you want to use a paintless dent repair service for your vehicle.


The first drawback is that PDR technicians can only fix dents that are accessible to them.  They have to be able to reach the dent with their special tools.  This means that there are some dents that may not be able to be repaired by paintless dent repair techniques, in which case you would need to take your vehicle to a body shop for the repair.  However, most dents can be repaired by a PDR technician.


The second drawback to paintless dent repair is that it only repairs the dent.  If there are any scratches or chipped paint on your vehicle due to the dent, these problems will not be repaired by the PDR service.  You will have to find a repair service that takes care of these problems.  Of course, if there are no scratches or paint damage, then paintless dent repair can fix the dent, making it practically impossible to tell that there was ever any damage to your vehicle.  This is not the case with body shop repairs. 


Another problem that you could run into with paintless dent repair is that they can’t fix plastic bumpers or other plastic parts on your vehicle that have been dented.  If you have problems with any of the plastic areas of your vehicle like your bumper, you will need to take your vehicle into a body shop that can take care of these repairs.  There are some companies that specialize in repairing plastic parts using SMART techniques, which are more affordable, less invasive and faster.  It’s a great alternative to PDR, since they don’t work on plastic parts.


Finally, the last drawback of paintless dent repair techniques really applies to any repair job.  There is always a slight chance that your vehicle could be damaged further from the repair.  The damage would probably be small like a scratch or chipped paint during the repair process.  While doesn’t happen often, it is possible.  However, the chance of damage can be reduced greatly by choosing a reputable company that specialized in PDR techniques.  It’s also a good idea to choose a company that hires experienced technicians.  Someone who’s not as experienced with the techniques is much more likely to cause further damage than someone who has done these types of repairs for years.    


With any type of repair service, there are bound to be drawbacks.  You just have to decide if the benefits outweigh the problems.  In the case of paintless dent repair, there are so many great benefits and very few drawbacks.  If you’re considering using a paintless dent repair service, you won’t regret your choice as long as you choose a company with plenty of experience and great customer service.


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