What You Need to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a special dent repair technique that uses special tools to massage out the dent from underneath.  Repairing the dent in this way eliminates the need for touch up paint or other fillers and chemicals.  It also eliminates the need for extensive body work on the vehicle, since the dent can be repaired without replacing the entire area.  This technique is usually performed by a trained technician with the right tools.  For a technician that knows what they’re doing, it can be a quick and easy process. 


In fact, the process is simple for everyone involved.  All you have to do is call a paintless dent repair technician to the home or office where your vehicle is located.  The technician will come out and make sure that they can repair the dent without any problems.  They’ll even answer any questions you have.  If they can repair the dent, it will take around an hour, and they’ll be finished.  You can pay your small fee and that’s it.  If they can’t fix the dent for you, the technician will be able to suggest someone that can.


Some people wonder what the quality of results are since the PDR is affordable and takes very little time.  Well, the quality is great.  In fact, it can be better than the quality you would see from a body shop.  Since there are no paint touch ups or other chemicals used on the vehicle, you won’t ever be able to notice there was ever a dent in your vehicle.  This means that the value of your car won’t decrease due to the repair, which is always a possibility with body shop repairs. 


Even though there are many benefits of paintless dent repair, there are a few negative points as well.  One of the points is that not all dents are accessible to the technicians.  If they can’t reach the dent with their tools, they can’t repair it.  They also can’t work on dents in plastic components like your bumper.  If you need dents repaired in the plastic pieces, you’ll have to find a different repair service.  However, even with the negative points, paintless dent repair will always be the better dent repair choice.


While there are several body shops that offer paintless dent repair as an option, it’s best to find a company like Dentmaster Wales that specializes in this dent repair technique.  First of all, they will charge much less than traditional body shops.  Secondly, they have more experience with paintless dent repair since their whole business is built around that one technique.  Also, many paintless dent repair services are mobile.  So, instead of bringing your vehicle to the body shop, a technician will actually come to you.


You can research the area that you live in to find a company that specializes in paintless dent repair services.  You might read reviews to make sure that the company has a good reputation and performs quality repairs.  If you live in the South Wales area, Dentmaster Wales and Dent Devils are two great choices.  While Dentmaster might be slightly better, they are both quality companies with affordable prices.  You might visit their websites to do further research and decide which one is right for you.


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