The Eco-Friendly Dent Repair Choice

It’s more important than ever to make eco friendly choices everyday.  Sometimes the choices are obvious.  For instance, you can reduce the amount of energy and water you use.  Other times, you may not realize that there is an eco friendly option available to you.  For most people, this is the case with dent repair.  You may not know that there is an option for dent repair that is much more eco friendly than traditional body shop repairs.  However, before you find out what that option is, let’s look at what makes the alternative a bad choice for the environment.


Normally when you want a dent repaired, you would take your vehicle to a local body shop and have them make the repairs.  You’ve probably never realized that this might not be an eco friendly choice.  Of course, even if you did realize it, you may have thought that it was the only choice you have, so you shouldn’t feel bad.  So, what makes dent repair at a traditional body shop less eco friendly?  Well, there are actually a couple of different things.


The first is that body shops use a large amount of chemicals during their repairs.  They use paints, sealers, and many other chemicals that release harmful toxins into the environment.  The second problem is all of the electric use.  Sometimes repairs can take days, and many of the tools need to be plugged in.  This can drain a lot of electricity during the process of the repair.  Finally, there is unnecessary waste with these traditional repairs.  Most of the time, an entire part needs to be repaired or replaced just to fix a small problem like a dent.  The positive side is that you now have a choice that helps to eliminate these problems. 


This eco friendly choice is paintless dent repair.  Paintless dent repair or PDR is a technique that uses special tools to repair only the dent instead of the entire part without using any paint or other chemicals.  These repairs are usually completed by trained technicians working at a mobile paintless dent repair company.  The technicians come to you and have the repairs completed quickly.  Most dents can be repaired in under an hour.  So, now you know the eco friendly option, but how is it better for the environment?


One of the main benefits of this type of dent repair is that there are no toxic chemicals being released into the air.  This is better for you, the technician, and the environment.  Another way it’s more eco friendly is that there is much less waste.  Since only the dent is repaired, you don’t have to have an unnecessary part replaced or repaired.  And finally, there is much less electricity used to complete these repairs.  Instead of taking several days to be complete, the time is cut down to an hour or two.  This really saves a lot of energy during the dent repair process.  This is why mobile paintless dent repair is the more eco friendly dent repair choice.


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